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Risk and Threat Assessments

Risk and Threat Assessments form a major part of the requirement during the planning and preparation phase of any deployment, the necessity to continually and regularly support clients with up to date and comprehensive Threat Reports and Risk Assessments is of paramount importance. For CONDO clients this ensures compliance with UK MoD policy regarding the deployment of CONDO personnel equally ensuring that every step as been taken to ensure that safety of the contractor through thorough Risk and Threat Assessments are carried out.

We routinely provide Risk and Threat Assessments for many scenarios including:

• Contractors working in hostile environments
• At-risk individuals
• Vulnerable buildings and residences
• High value consignments.

Our Risk and Threat Assessments have been developed to ensure that the end user has the information that is required to formally assess the likelihood of conducting or continuing business activities in the operational area.  Our Threat and Risk Assessments have been used extensively in various countries throughout the world on both CONDO designated areas and other regions requiring TravelSafe assistance as follows:

• Afghanistan (Op Toral and Op Herrick)
• Middle East (OP Kipion Regions)
• West Africa/Eastern Asia

Risk and Threat Assessments are produced using both open and confidential sources of information gathered by our in house team supplemented by our extended network of associates. The documents themselves are designed to assist in identifying potential security risks, and the development of appropriate risk/threat mitigation strategies.

The information contained is designed to be concise and accessible to those required to understand and/or manage risk within your organisation. All assessments are been developed in line with UK Home Office Best Management Practice for the Management of Risk (M_o_R®); we have found this meets our corporate clients’ requirement for a product that is aligned with the international standard for risk management, ISO 31000.

Please contact us and find out how we can tailor a service to your requirements.