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Maritime Firearms Competency Training


Both the GUARDCON document and DfT interim guidance have stipulated the requirement for all ship-owners, ship operators and ship-masters to ensure all armed maritime security personnel are sufficiently trained; ensuring armed personnel are competent, safe and able to handle firearms whilst deployed on board to protect a ship, its cargo and crew.

Allied International Risk has developed a one-day course that satisfies these requirements, covering the weapons and equipment that may be used on an armed transit. The course covers all aspects of; weapon handling and safety; marksmanship principles; use of security associated equipment; escalation of force and legal constraints and implications on the use of lethal force.

Weapons taught are as follows:
• AK-47 variants
• SLR and FN-FAL
• H&K G3
• Combat shotgun
• Handgun (based on Glock and Browning pistols)
To successfully attain the certification you must be considered proficient in all areas covered in the course.

Please contact us for more details.