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First Response Emergency Care (FREC)


The First Response Emergency Care course is designed to advance the First Aider to a level where they can provide immediate life support to a patient prior to the arrival of ‘pre-hospital care’ (NHS Ambulance Technicians, Paramedics etc).  The chances of an individual’s survival has been shown to greatly increase with effective treatment in the following key areas, central to the Level 3 FREC syllabus,Successful Learners will gain the knowledge, skills and competences needed to deal with a wide range of prehospital care emergencies, such as: managing a patient’s airways, catastrophic bleeding, management of fractures, medical emergencies and more.

  •  Airway stabilisation
  •  Basic Life Support
  •  Early Defibrillation
  •  Oxygenation
  •  Circulatory Support

The training will provide individuals will the skills associated with rapid assessment, stabilisation and transfer of both the trauma victim and those suffering a medical emergency.

The course is delivered over four days, including classroom-based theory sessions, practical periods and scenario-based assessments designed to offer students the opportunity to develop and practice their skills.

Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and experience, including military medics and civilian paramedics.  All instructors have recent operational experience in the delivery of medical support.

The syllabus includes:

  •  The Pre Hospital Environment
  •  Patient Assessment
  •  Respiration and Airway Management
  •  Basic Life Support
  •  Defibrillation
  •  Circulation and Shock
  •  Medical Related Emergencies

Additional training can be provided as required, this can include; Cannulation, Fluid Therapy, Advanced Trauma – Chest, Abdominal, Head and Extremity (including Tourniquets and Hemorrhage management)

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