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CONDO Hostile 2 Day Specific

CONDO 2 day Hostile Specific, Contractors On Deployment (CONDO) pre-deployment training package uses the MoD’s mandatory training competencies (TC) as its foundation:

CONDO Hostile 2 Day Specific Training Competencies

• TC 1 Roles and Responsibilities
• TC 2 Regional Awareness
• TC 3 Medical Factors, Capabilities and Actions relating to the CONDO task
• TC 4 Safety and Security Procedures
• TC 5 Life on Deployment
• TC 6 Discipline and the Legal Construct to the Deployment

The second day of the Hostile 2 Day Specific  includes a Basic Life Support (BLS) medical package, focusing on the treatment of traumatic injuries whilst deployed.

TC’s can be tailored to meet your needs more specifically; please discuss the details with us. The training is constructed to be both extremely informative and interactive – and enjoyable.

Each delegate on successful completion of the course receives the relevant certification, required as a part of the “authority to travel” paperwork for the UK MoD. Failure to carry out this training can result in the validity of the contractor deploying in the first instance. Our training is delivered by trainers who adhere strictly to UK MOD rules and guidelines, in relation to CONDO training.

If you are seeking the training to be delivered at your own premises. CONDO training can be in delivered in regional areas of operation as per the client’s requirements. Further details can be obtained on request.

Please contact us for further information.